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As many of you know I have been involved with the EB-5 program for more than twenty-one years. During that period of time I have experienced some amazing events. I have also witnessed some unbelievable ways in which one person has treated another within this same industry. In each case I think of what is commonly referred to as the Golden Rule (To treat others as you want to be treated). I did some quick research before beginning this announcement and found that cultures around the world have varying versions of this saying, so I hope that this translates into the multitude of languages in which this e-mail will go out. 众所周知,我们从事EB-5 行业已经超过21年了。期间我经历诸多有趣的事件。同样,我也目睹了这个行业中各方过招的手段。每每,这都令我想起所谓的"黄金法则"(对待他人应该如同你自己希望被对待那样)。在做出以下宣布之前我做了一些调查发现各国对此格言都有不同的具体说法,我希望在这封信被翻译成各国文字并广泛发出时保持原意。CMB组48加州世纪广场酒店改建项目顺利获批I-526This past Friday we received absolutely fantastic news: we received the first I-526 petition approval in our Group 48: Century Plaza EB-5 investment partnership. This news is incredibly special as it means the USCIS has approved our Century Plaza Project! I was at the American Immigration Lawyers Association national conference in Washington D.C. when I received this news and within a short period of time this seemed to become the main point of discussion amongst the attorneys who practice EB-5 as well as those other regional centers in attendance. The fact the project was approved did not surprise me, however the speed of this approval caught me by surprise as much as it did those others who were attending the conference. This was our fourth EB-5 partnership in a row that has been approved without an RFE. 上周五,我们收到个一个极好的消息,组48 世纪广场EB-5项目中已经有第一个I-526申请被批准了。当时,我正在参加在华盛顿DC举办的美国移民律师协会的活动。在得知这个消息时,曾经一度这个被当场参加活动的众多EB-5律师和其他地区中心的工作人员频频谈及。我并不惊讶项目得到批准,但审批的速度如此之快令我及当时在场的其他人颇为震惊。这已经是我们连续第4个没有收到RFE就被一次性批准的项目。 CMB has an incredible history of success for its foreign nationals in their pursuit of their two main goals: the permanent green card and return of their original capital. Unfortunately this record of success and our stance in calling for reform of the EB-5 program have caused CMB and many of our EB-5 partnerships to come under "false attack" by competitors within the EB-5 industry. It seems many competitors can only compete with us through lies! 在为外国投资人追求其投资首要的两个目标:永久绿卡和原始本金返还上CMB有着无与伦比的历史记录。然而,不幸的是我们的优越记录和我们一直呼吁美国EB-5政策改革的立场使得我们的众多项目遭到行业内一些竞争对手的"恶意攻击"。好似他们不用谎言故意诽谤就无法同我们竞争! 
CMB Group 48: Century Plaza
 Group 48 was subjected to false criticism immediately upon its release. People questioned the Targeted Employment Area (TEA) designation even though CMB has been the leader in calling for TEA reform. I was amazed at how ridiculous the criticism is because CMB does not gerrymander TEAs and the Century Plaza Project TEA is made up of only two census tracts. The state of California is likely the toughest state in the US when it comes to TEA designations. (This is why I have advocated for the USCIS and Congress to adopt the California model when considering reform of the EB-5 program).  组48在发售初期就受到了恶意的批评。有些人质疑其TEA(目标就业区)的准核,即使CMB本身就是业内对TEA准核改革呼声最高的一个。我对一些人的批评言论确实感到不可思议,因为CMB从不篡改TEA数据,并且世纪广场项目的TEA仅仅由两个普查区构成!对TEA授权而言,加州或许是美国最困难的一个州。(这也是为什么我向USCIS和国会力争将加州的操作模式在新的EB-5改革政策中被接纳)。 The size of Group 48 was questioned and the seed of doubt was planted by our competitors as to whether CMB could subscribe 900 investors. (Remember, we subscribed 1,222 investors in 2014 and we only had partnerships available for approximately 75% of the year.) Do not misunderstand me. A prospective investor should ask the above questions and many more during the course of their due diligence. 组48的项目规模又受到了质疑,其源头是我们的竞争对手故意制造CMB是否能认购900位投资人的疑问。(请记住,我们再2014年认购了1222位投资人,而整年中只有75%的时间是有项目可提供的)。请不要误解。潜在投资人应该提出上述问题,并且在整个尽职调查过程中还要问许多问题。    CMB组48加州世纪广场酒店改建项目顺利获批I-526CMB Group 48: Century Plaza TEA Map  However, it is wrong for one person to prey upon the concerns of another and twist words or information into something it is not. This too took place last Friday and Group 48 was not the focus of the attack. (I will get back to Group 48 in just a moment as there are some truly important considerations that prospective EB-5 investors need to be aware of as we approach September and the sunset date of the Regional Center Program.) Within hours after the approval of Group 48 some unknown person decided they would manipulate and add language not originally in a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) story about the target investment in our Group VII investment which is the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility. Much of what was reported in the WSJ story is a rehash of a prior story and the facts are mischaracterized. The reporting of "facts" about Ivanpah have been so inaccurate that BrightSource felt compelled to post information on The Top Five Things Some Media Can't Seem to Remember About Ivanpah which can be found HERE. 但如果一个人将自己的问题刻意转嫁他们并且恶意扭曲改变原意,那就是错误至极。同样是上周五,组48并没有成为攻击的对象。(我后续将会回到组48来探讨对潜在投资人而言必须注意的要点,尤其是在当前越发接近9月及地区中心项目"落日"的时间点)。在组48获批的数小时后,一个匿名人决定将一篇华尔街日报的文章进行擅自篡改和扭曲原文内容诋毁我们组7,Ivanpah太阳能发电厂项目。其发布的内容绝大程度上对原始报道做了改动并故意做了错误的描述。所谓的"报道"实则误导,致使Brightsource感到有必要做出相关的申明"媒体似乎无法记得的5件关于Ivanpah要点",其原始链接如下: http://www.brightsourceenergy.com/the-top-five-things#.VYc_mWeJiUm Someone (a coward who did not identify themselves) in China (or in Chinese) manipulated the WSJ article to imply that the Ivanpah project has somehow failed and Group VII investors would lose all their money and not receive approval of their I-829. Group VII has I-829 petitions on file. All job creation that is needed by all 180 investors has already occurred, so this person posted these lies with an intent to cause panic and damage CMB's good name. The attack on Group VII began within hours of people learning about Group 48 receiving approval by the USCIS of the Century Plaza project by issuing Group 48 it's first I-526 approval.  有人(一个没有透露其身份的懦夫)在中国(或会说中文)故意篡改华尔街日报的报道,造谣Ivanpah项目的失败以及组VII的投资人会失去投资金额并且不会收到I-829批准。组VII已经递交了I-829申请。180位投资人需要的所有工作岗位都已经创造。因此,这位始作俑者故意造谣,蓄意诋毁CMB的名誉并且制造市场恐慌。对于组VII的攻击时间点正逢组48(世纪广场项目)收到移民局第一个I-526批准之后短短几个小时。 When I started this e-mail referencing the 'Golden Rule' I was speaking about Group VII because Group VII is actually a large group of individuals from around the world who share common goals of obtaining permanent residency in the United States as well as return of their original investment. Some unknown individual attacked Group VII by manipulating an already inaccurate media report knowing it would cause panic amongst Group VII investors as well as prospective CMB investors. 在我此封邮件中写到黄金法则,我指组VII ,组VII的投资人遍布世界,投资人都有共同的目标,那就是获得永久性绿卡以及返还投资本金。一些匿名个体人操控已经失实的媒体报道,蓄意攻击组VII,意图为组VII的投资人和CMB潜在的投资人制造恐慌。
 CMB组48加州世纪广场酒店改建项目顺利获批I-526CMB Group VII: Ivanpah  Today's email goes out to prospective EB-5 investors as well as attorneys, immigration consulting companies, and referral sources around the world. Many within the EB-5 stakeholder community have seen these types of baseless attacks before. (Some of them have been around for years and they will recall when people said CMB would never get I-526 and I-829 petitions approved because we were the first regional center to utilize proof of job creation based solely upon indirect and induced jobs) The "old-timers", those with experience in EB-5, have grown immune to these attacks upon CMB as they know some competitors are desperate and are likely the source of this false and malicious information. I would suggest many of these competitors are going to become even more desperate as the Century Plaza Project is in our opinion the first of its kind in that the investor return of capital is truly placed in front of the bulk of any profits to be made by the regional center or the project developer. When you combine the previous fact with the now USCIS approved project when individuals do their due diligence it is our opinion there is not a project in the EB-5 today that could possibly be better for a prospective EB-5 participant. 今天,此封邮件发至全世界的EB-5潜在投资人,律师,移民咨询公司以及介绍人。许多EB-5的利益相关者社区都曾目睹此类毫无根据的攻击。(一些在行业中从业多年的工作者,还记得,一些人曾说CMB不会收到I-526和I-829审批通过因为我们是第一家区域中心只使用间接和衍生就业工作工种)。那些"老前辈们",有多年EB-5经验,对此类CMB攻击已经产生免疫,因为他们知道我们的竞争者是有多绝望,他们是这些恶性谣言的始作俑者。我建议,许多竞争者已经绝望至极,因为在我们看来,世纪广场是第一个将投资人返还投资本金置于区域中心和项目开发商大量获利之前的项目。当投资人还在尽职调查,该项目移民局已经获批的事情综合考虑,在我们眼中,今天的EB-5市场上,对于EB-5投资人而言,没有任何一个项目可以超越。 Today's email though should be focused upon the great news involving Group 48 as there are hundreds of EB-5 investors who are already subscribing to Group 48 and each of them are likely to feel a sense of ease knowing the USCIS has already reviewed and approved the EB-5 partnership they are joining or the one they have already joined. When I sat down to write this email I also tried to remember the last CMB EB-5 investment partnership that had investment units available when the first I-526 petition was approved within that specific partnership. It seems that it must have been all the way back to Group I or Group II (2008). All I can tell you is that CMB EB-5 partnerships tend to subscribe quickly and it is likely that Group 48 will subscribe even quicker than projected now that the first I-526 has been approved. 今天的来信应该关注组48的成功,我们已有几百位EB-5投资人认购了组48. 他们中的每一个正在认购和已经认购的EB-5投资人都感到移民局已经审核和批准该EB-5项目的轻松。当我写此封邮件时,我曾回想上一次CMB EB-5第一个I-526已经获批的项目并且还有认购名额的时候,得要追溯到组I和组II (2008)。我能告诉您的是CMB EB-5项目一直认购飞快,现在因为该项目的第一个I-526已经获批,那么CMB组48的项目会比预计的认购更快。   Lastly, I spent a good part of last week traveling with (former) Congressman Bobby Schilling to various Senatorial and Congressional offices seeking support and offering advice on the upcoming reform and renewal of the EB-5 program. I will, in a subsequent newsletter, give my thoughts on this much-needed upcoming reform and renewal legislation. I spent time informing Congress of the good work we are doing. The approval of the Century Plaza Project is good news. My job is to continue to concentrate on the good work we are doing. Eventually we will find out who the perpetrator of these malicious lies is and Group VII and CMB Export, LLC will deal with it accordingly. 最后,就在上周,我与前国会议员Bobby Schilling面见多位参议院和国会议员就即将到来的EB-5改革和更新提出建议和支持。在稍后的通讯函中,我会将即将到来急需的EB-5改革和法案提出我的观点。我花很多时间告知国会我们优秀事迹。世纪广场的获批是一个非常好的消息。我的工作仍会延续我们的优秀事迹。最后我们会人肉出此次攻击的肇事者,组VII和CMB Export LLC将会对此人严惩。 With warm regards to all,Patrick Hogan Pres. CMB regional centers